State of the Art Technology

At KnightHawk Protection our mission is to provide our clients with the best service possible.

We believe our mission goes beyond traditional security services and encompasses a wide variety of elements fundamental to the daily operations of our clients. That is why we have partnered with SilverTrac® Software and integrated their unique system into our operations.

Here at KnightHawk Protection we strive to offer our clients the best innovations to make their jobs easier.

· Fully Customizable Chain of Escalation

· Vendor Management

· Automated Post Orders

· Daily Activity Reports in Proactive Liability and Risk Terms

· Fire Watch Integration

· Integrated GPS Date and Time Stamps on Reports and Maps

· QR Codes Pertaining to Task Assignment, Safety Bulletins, and Task Completion

Our accountability is second to none.

These features and so many others give KnightHawk Security the service and reporting capabilities that the largest security companies in the world don’t even offer. We are passionate about our state of the art security and look forward to providing you with the unparalleled service you deserve.

Proactive Surveillance System

· Camera installation

· Camera monitoring

· Private Security patrol vehicle response with GPS tracking and video forwarding to the cell phone of the responding private security professional

The Essence of our Service

· 24-hour virtual patrol of your property

· Camera will artificial intelligence and geo-fencing capability for tighter protection

· 360 degree cameras

· Temporary placement of cameras

· Audio Capability to speak directly to the offender

· Drone surveillance and counter drone protection

At KnightHawk Protection our watchful eyes rely on Defender® Quantum 360 cameras.

The Quantum 360 Rover & Stationary Cameras live stream a 360-degree panoramic video from any ground, sea, or air-based platform to remote command and control center operators providing unprecedented situational awareness. Adaptive ZipStream video compression optimizes the live streaming of 360-degree footage over the internet and cellular networks with minimal bandwidth requirements.